Using the remote controller you can easily control OneViewX from the Cathlab, activating the main software features:
Change Scene

During the recording and / or Live case you can change the video sources to be displayed.


Send an invite to a remote participant and start the live transmission.


Place a marker on an interesting moment in the procedure and the software automatically creates a short video.

rotate the video

Rotate the three video sources in order to enlarge the most interesting image.​

A tailored set up for your Cathlab

Thanks to OneViewX you can mainstream your Cathlab devices through a

Smart & Safe IEC 60601-1 e IEC 60601-1-2 certified hardware.


  • Integrate up to 8 Cathlab Devices videosignals such as fluoroscopy, Ivus, OCT..
  • Interact with your audience through professional wireless headsets
  • Recording the intervention through FULL HD videocameras
  • Display the OneViewX software into the OR through a dedicated monitor or connecting the large display
  • Manage the software from the Cathlab through an easy remote controller

Advanced features

OneViewX integrates also important advanced software features to let you record and edit your video with the best quality possible:

Smart recording

    Create predefined graphic layouts selectable from the OR using the remote control..
    Create graphic layouts where video sources are overlapped in a dynamic and customizable way.
    Highlight the most interesting areas of each source acquired and represent hem by optimizing the available area in/on/of the screen.

automatic video editing

    Push2Clip is the new patented feature of OneViewX. Mark the most interesting part of the procedure based on the activation of the fluoroscopy.
    Record the audio on a second time to better describe the procedure.
    Add a PowerPoint slide or a static image to a recorded case to introduce or explain a specific sequence.
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